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WIR HUNDE | performer

The Volkstheater Vienna & The Wiener Festwochen

by performance-collective SIGNA

awarded with The Nestroy Theatre Prize 2016


©️Erich Goldmann

VENTESTEDET| performer

Theater Republique, Copenhagen, Denmark, 2014

by performance-collective SIGNA


©️Erich Goldmann

EUROPE IS LOST | collaborator & performer

audio play by Heike Bröckerhoff

Europe is lost is an artistic research project that tackles the question of how we can move through moments of crisis together, focusing on emotional implications and strategies of empowerment. In collaboration with female artists and researchers from all over Europe, a series of experimental audio plays about hope, nostalgia, adaptation, denial, and post-identitarian belonging will be developed. In an eco-feminist, post-humanist spirit, we use fiction and historical research to re- invent narratives and practices of solidarity.

IMAGINES | performer 

performance by Lois Bartel 


Lichthof Theater Hamburg 2021


© Johannes Treß ​​

MOMENTS OF FEAR | dramaturgy

performance by schröderstatkus

Ballhaus Ost, Berlin, 2016




an artistic talk, a research platform and an emerging praxis


January 2021 / Künstlerhaus Vorwerk-Stift Hamburg 

Artists: Heike Bröckerhoff, Elisabeth Leopold, Lois Bartel, Lucie Schroeder and Višnja Sretenović

Audio: Heike Bröckerhoff, Lois Bartel and Lucie Schroeder







































Shared Stories is a safe place for artists to share ideas and develop strategies on how to cope with the intimate experience of loneliness and void. Moreover, we ask ourselves to what extent is being an artist and making art connected with these states of depression. The inspiration for our discussions and artistic try-outs are lives and works of deceased female artists Virginia Woolf, Francesca Woodman, Chantal Akerman, Sarah Kane, Dore Hoyer and Sylvia Plath. Using the artistic method of developing collective and group storytelling and narrative - yet being devoted to one's own personal way of expression such as installation, body and movement, word and sound - we are also looking for a way to expend this approach in the comprehension of intimate feelings of sadness and emptiness and to see them as a shared experience rather than an individual one.

audio shared stories
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