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Shared Stories

essay film (15 min)

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Shared Stories is a personal cinematic diary composed of vocalised thoughts and video fragments which offer a glimpse into the intimate spheres of a person who finds oneself locked in a conflict between inner and outer reality. It is an auto-fictional, literary confession which depicts melancholy and shows how feelings and sensations can act both as the main source of inspiration and a dark pathway that leads to a psychological precipice. This visual and auditory mosaic brings together emotional conditions and states of mind that speak of people ― in particular women ― who have a different way of conceiving the world, a way that does not always find its place in an established social framework and where the impulse to leave the physical world often prevails. The film is also inspired by the works and lives of the deceased female artists Chantal Akerman, Virginia Woolf, Sylvia Plath and Sarah Kane, and reveals a certain kind of existence that is permeated with self-doubt and self-destruction. It brings a testimony about being lost, without an aim, detached from time and space. Told from the perspective of a female artist, this film is a collage of exposed vulnerability and honesty. It portrays woman’s depression as a shared experience, rather than a solitary one. 


Hamburg/ Belgrade 2018 | 15 min | essay film | language: english and serbo-croatian / bosnian with english subtitles | text, direction, performance - Višnja Sretenović | camera - Moritz Mössinger | editing - Višnja Sretenović & Simon Steinhorst | sound design - Tijana Murgaški | produced by Claussen-Simon-Stiftung Hamburg with kind support of Hamburg Media School and Erste Liebe Filmproduktion Hamburg 



Rampen-Festival (Claussen-Simon-Stiftung), Hamburg, 2018

FEMLAB Festival, Gängeviertel, Hamburg, 2019

 T R A I L E R 

 F I L M on request

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film still

DoP Moritz Mössinger

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